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Can I import shapefiles?
Can I import shapefiles?
How to import data in .shp files into a app in Fulcrum.
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Fulcrum's data importer supports either shapefile or CSV format when you are importing data to create records in one of your apps.

Shapefiles are composed of minimally 3 separate files —.shp, .shx, and .dbf—(and usually more), all of which are required to create valid spatial data. To import into Fulcrum, create a .zip file containing all of the relevant shapefile pieces. They should all have the same base file name.

Once you have a .zip with your shapefile’s contents, upload to Fulcrum using the importer, and it will automatically extract and analyze your shapefile to process for import. Fulcrum will also attempt to reproject your file to a standard projection during import.

Note: Fulcrum only supports point data for records. If you import a shapefile with line or polygon data a centroid will be created as used as the record location within Fulcrum.

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