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What is Automated Conflict Prevention?
What is Automated Conflict Prevention?

How automated conflict prevention works.

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Automated Conflict Prevention is how Fulcrum attempts to merge two different versions of a record together. In the event that two users are editing an existing record at the same time, Fulcrum will attempt to merge the two different versions into a new version of a record. 

What Fulcrum does is select the fields that have changes in the two versions, then merges all those fields into a single new record version. For example: if one user fills out section A and at the same time another user is filling out section B. After they both sync, the newest version of the record will contain the data captured in section A by the first user and section B by the second user.

In the event that both users enter data into the same field, the last to sync will have their data retained.

Note: This feature is not available on our Starter Membership Plan. Please refer to the feature list to see if the plan that you have has access to this feature.

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