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What does the system-level metadata look like?
What does the system-level metadata look like?

Explaining the Fulcrum's default metadata attributes.

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Each record created in Fulcrum comes with several default system-level metadata attributes on each record. Fulcrum keeps track of these fields that are created and updated within the system for every record in your account. These data are all managed by Fulcrum and cannot be modified, except where mentioned in the description.

Fulcrum ID
Unique ID for the record. The column header will be labeled fulcrum_id in the exported data. This field is used to maintain a globally-unique reference to that record. (Learn more about updating data through imports.)

Fulcrum Parent ID
The fulcrum_parent_id  is only visible on exported files that contain child records. The parent ID column contains the Fulcrum ID of the parent record that the record is associated with in Fulcrum. It can be used in a database system or GIS to create relationship links or table joins. When you import data back into Fulcrum this field is used to link the child records to their parent record. 

Fulcrum Record ID
If you have multiple repeatable sections nested together, this column will always show the root record ID at the top level. Created / Updated By These fields show which user created or last updated the record, referenced by the user's email login. 

Created / Updated
At These fields show timestamps for when the record was initially created, and most recently updated. They are only editable by updating existing records using the importer or API. This field is also only visible on exported files or on records obtained through the API. 

Shows the current version of the record. The version number increments each time a record is modified. Look at all versions of data using the record history view. 

Change Type
This column is only included if you include full data history in your export. Will display the change made in that version of the record. 

Changeset ID
This column is only included if you include changesets in your export. Will display the change made in that version of the record. changeset_id  will reference its associated changeset metadata in the changesets file or table included in your data if you opt to include them when exporting. 

This column contains the geometry information about the record in well-known text format. 

System Created At / Updated At
These are system fields indicating when the record was created or updated on the Fulcrum server. 

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