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How do I get lines and polygons into my reports?
How do I get lines and polygons into my reports?

Learn how to set the map engine in report templates.

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The default map engine used by report templates is Google Maps. However, Google Maps does not support geometries. You can include geometry data in a report by setting the map engine to use Esri Maps.

Setting the Map Engine Type

From the app builder, select Reports from the right panel.

Select either Create Report or Create Advanced Report from the dialog.

Basic Reports

Select the MAP ENGINE dropdown in the left panel.

Select Esri Maps from the dropdown.

Click Preview to update the preview of your report.

Reminder: You'll need to save your changes to the report template and the app before using.

To change the style of basemap, scroll to the bottom of the left panel and use the BASEMAP TYPE selector.

Advanced Reports

Update the STATICMAP statement

Find the STATICMAP statement that looks like the following:

<img class='<%= SET_MAP_CLASS() %>' src='<%= STATICMAP({markers, ...SET_MAP_OPTIONS()}) %>' />

For new Advanced Report Template, the STATICMAP statement is on line 79.

Replace the entire line with the following:

<img src='<%= STATICMAP({mapEngine: 'esri'}) %>' />

Once the line has been modified, hit “Preview”.

To change the map engine to Google Maps, replace line with the original code:

<img class='<%= SET_MAP_CLASS() %>' src='<%= STATICMAP({markers, ...SET_MAP_OPTIONS()}) %>' />

Click 'Save' to save your changes, otherwise, click 'Cancel' to discard your changes.

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