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How do I customize report PDF filenames?
How do I customize report PDF filenames?
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You can configure the file names of your PDF reports to be based on the data of records in your apps.

First, go into the App Builder by selecting an app name or clicking the "Edit App" icon from the app list.

On the right panel, select the button that says "Reports".

Select "Create Advanced Report", "Create Report" or the "Edit" icon if you already have a report template created.

On the left panel, you will see a section called "File Name".

Begin typing or select "Insert Value..." to see a list of available fields from your app.

Select the fields that you would like to use as the report name from the list. You can also add alphanumeric text, dashes, and underscores between fields.

The preview shows how the report name will appear for the currently selected record.

Note that the maximum character length for filenames is 255 characters. Only alphanumeric characters are currently supported. Spaces will be replaced by underscores and unsupported characters will be replaced with dashes.

Change the preview record using the dropdown in the left panel.

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