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Collecting Data in the Android App
Collecting Data in the Android App

Creating new records in the Fulcrum for Android app.

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Fulcrum is designed to fulfill your data collection requirements in an efficient and timely manner from the mobile device. Apps are designed using the web-based app designer and will appear on the mobile app according to the web created specifications.

Record Creation

To create a record you will want to first make sure that you are in the correct app that you wish to create the record in. You can check the app you are accessing by looking at the top of the screen. If you wish to change the app that you are accessing, you can tap on the icon that has three stacked horizontal lines (app selector button) to the left of the app name.

Once you have made sure you are in the correct app, you can begin creating a record by tapping on the + icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Fulcrum automatically captures your location as you create a record, but you can also set or adjust the location manually.

Once you begin creating a record it is as easy as filling out the fields that are presented to you. Once you are done be sure to tap the save button in the upper right part of the screen. The save button can be found just to the right of the app name.

If you wish to cancel creating a record you can tap on the device's back hardware button (more on these buttons below), which will either be displayed on the bottom of the screen or as a physical button on the device. A confirmation message will display asking you to confirm that you would like to discard your changes.

Along the bottom menu bar of the record creation/edit screen, there are two buttons. From left to right, they are the, set the location and the generate a report buttons.


  • Hardware buttons: These buttons result in some nuances between the Fulcrum for iOS and Android apps. These buttons have traditionally been actual buttons that have be on the device below the screen, but in more recently released devices manufactures have moved these buttons to be at the bottom of the screen instead of actual buttons on the device. Additionally, traditionally there have been four buttons, but in more recent devices they have dropped the search button and only have three buttons, the home, back, and menu buttons.

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