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How do I train my users on my app?
How do I train my users on my app?

This article outlines a helpful way to train your field users on the app they will be using.

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Now that you have spent hours building your app in Fulcrum, you want to get all of your mobile users to learn how to use it as quickly as possible. Outlined below is an excellent way to teach them all how to use your app remotely. 


1. Setup & Download

On iOS: Go into Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls > Include Screen Recording in your Control Center. Now swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and you see the screen recording icon. Make sure you force-touch (hold it down) the recording button to turn the microphone audio on. When you press the record button, it will count down from 3. 

On Android: Screen recording is not native to the operating system, so you will need to download a screen recorder. You can download the AZ Screen Recorder, Mobizen Screen Recorder, or any other screen-recording app with no time limit, no watermark, and records audio.

2. Test

Start the recording of the screen and open your newly created Fulcrum app that you want to teach from. Do a test run to see if the video is recording your microphone and capturing your screen correctly. You will want to narrate the video while walking the viewer through the Fulcrum app. (Keep each Fulcrum app to its own separate video.) We are just making sure the video is capturing the screen correctly and picking up your voice. Practice the tour of your app a few times so when you record it, it sounds professional. 

3. Record

Now record your Fulcrum app so that when your field users watch your video, they know exactly how to use it and understand why you built the app the way you did. Speak clearly, and stay on screens longer than you think you need to. Remember: You are very familiar with the app, but your audience is seeing the  for the first time and needs more time to orient to the app. 

4. Upload to YouTube

Once you have a complete recording of your app, you will want to upload your vertically recorded video to YouTube. Which YouTube account is not relevant because you will be making the video Unlisted, meaning it won't be searchable or discovered by others. Only the people who have a link can watch the video. I recommend downloading the YouTube app or upload the video from your phone directly to YouTube. Make sure to give the video a name and description. You might want to include your name and email for questions. 

When your video is finished uploading and YouTube provides you with a link to the Unlisted video, you need to add a hyperlink field to the top of your Fulcrum app. Make the label "Training Video" or something similar that works for you. Add your Youtube URL into the Default URL field. I recommend writing in the description field that the viewer should watch this video several times until he or she is comfortable with the app. 

Now, each first-time user of your app can learn how to use it remotely, and they can quickly get up to speed on the functions and requirements of your app. Using this training technique will help ensure you get better data on the first use. 

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