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A step by step guide for getting exporting data with Fulcrum (Basic)

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Exports do not currently support lines and polygons data. The Data Downloader will export this data.

Before starting the data export process, it is recommended that you verify all your data has been synced from the mobile apps. It is also important to review the data quality, making sure the data is ready to be exported.

Data can be exported to various formats.

Export Options

There are two ways to export your data out of Fulcrum. The Full Record Exporter and the Data Downloader. The exporter is better suited towards obtaining all the data within an app, while the downloader is better suited to obtaining specific, often smaller datasets that are filtered to only include records/data that have certain values.

This article covers the exporter process. To learn how to download data from the Data Downloader, please check out this article.

Full Record Exporter

You can access the exporter from 3 different locations:

  1. In the side navigation (with the Setup section expanded). The exporter is located under the Configuration section of the menu.

  2. From the App List View, by clicking the download icon.

  3. From the page header, under the '+' sign dropdown.

From the App list view, the Export button is only available for apps that already have data/records available.


The export process consists of 3 steps. First, select the export options, file type, and apps and/or projects you want to export the data from. Next is the review step, where you see information about your export. The final step is initiating the export.

You can learn more about the exporter from the exporting data help article.

Step 1 - New Export

Select the export file format, date range (if applicable), and whether or not to include photos, PDF reports, GPS data, full history, or changesets. You can optionally filter by area as well. You can also include data from more than one app in a single export. As you make your selections, you can see how many records will be contained in your export at the top of the screen. Click ‘next’ once you're happy with the settings for your export.

New export wizard, with options to select the file format, date rage, and other filters

Step 2 - Export Summary

Review and confirm your data export settings. If you need to make any changes, click the ‘Back’ button to return to the previous menu. Click the ‘Confirm’ button to proceed with the export.

Review the information about the export, go back to make changes or confirm to proceed.

Step 3

Once the export completes, you'll have the option to download it. The download is still in progress when you see the progress circle icon, and it is ready to be exported when you see the export icon.

To get the download started, simply click on the export icon. You'll be prompted to choose a save location, then the download will begin.

Different status available for exports in progress and exports that are ready to be downloaded.

Note: You do not need to stay on the export page while your export finishes. The export is available for download for a period of 7 days after completion.

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