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How do I add an XYZ tile source to Fulcrum?
How do I add an XYZ tile source to Fulcrum?

Learn how to create and add layers to Fulcrum using the Tile XYZ URL format.

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If you have your layers hosted in a Tile XYZ tiling scheme, you can display that layer within Fulcrum as long as your device has a network connection.

  1. Select Tile XYZ as the layer source, 

  2. Give the layer a name 

  3. Enter in the layer’s URL

  4. Then set the member permissions

  5. Once finished click the create layer button

The URL pattern style for an XYZ layer looks something like this:{z}/{x}/{y}.png

For more general information on adding layers, please visit our adding layers page.


  • For your tile source to be compatible it needs to be a "Single Fused Map Cache", have a Spatial Reference of 102100  (Web Mercator),  and the tiles 256x256px.

  • For additional details on leveraging web mapping services, please check out this article

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