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How do I add a GeoJSON layer to Fulcrum?
How do I add a GeoJSON layer to Fulcrum?

Learn how to create and add a map layer in Fulcrum from GeoJSON formatted data.

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With the GeoJSON format, you can either use a URL to point to the hosted GeoJSON file or paste the raw data directly into the URL or GeoJSON field. Adding a GeoJSON layer is pretty straightforward. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Select GeoJSON as the layer source 

  2. Give the layer a name 

  3. Enter in the layer’s URL or Past the raw GeoJSON data

  4. Set the member permissions 

  5. Once finished, click the “Create Layer” button


  • Hosted GeoJSON resources must support Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).

  • Fulcrum does not support the simple style-spec for GeoJSON styling.

  • This layer type is not supported on the Fulcrum mobile apps.

For more general information on adding layers, please visit our adding layers page.

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