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How do I import choice lists?
How do I import choice lists?

Learn how to import your own choice lists into Fulcrum using a CSV file.

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It’s simple to build your own predefined choice list using the online editor, but if you already have an extensive list of items, you can import it as a CSV file.

Preparing a CSV for Import

You can structure your list inside of a spreadsheet to upload and have your choice list automatically created.

Your file can have two different formats. The first format only includes a single column of items. Once uploaded they will be converted to a drop-down menu of choices for either a single choice field or multiple choice field for one of your apps.

This approach would look like the below example: a single column with the information in it. We call this data the label, and it is what the users see. In this case, we have a list of land use zoning types.

CSV file example with the label column only

The second format includes both the label and its value.

CSV file example with the label and value columns

Advanced Functionality

The value attribute to the right of each label name allows you to set a backend value, so the label (the field label presented within Fulcrum) can show a human-friendly label, and the value can be used to store the more system-friendly value.

Here is an example of the difference between labels and values:

  • Label: “Samsung Galaxy S5” (user-friendly, easy to read)

  • Value: sm-g900v (system-friendly, short)

When data is exported, the export file will contain the values instead of the labels.

Importing your CSV file

Once you have your file formatted correctly, save it as a CSV file format. On the left-hand side menu click Setup to display the available options and then select Choice Lists under the APP SETUP section.

  1. From the Choice List page, click the Import button, located to the left side of the + New Choice List button, on the top right corner.

  2. Give your choice list a Name and a Description.

  3. Click the Choose file button, and select the CSV file you saved in previous steps.

  4. Next, click the CREATE CHOICE LIST button.


  • Make sure that there are no empty rows in the CSV file being imported. This will result in the import failing since the choice list importer attempts to create a choice option for every row in the CSV file.

  • Download a sample file to view the required formatting: Choice List Format Sample File

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