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How do I use a promo code?
How do I use a promo code?

How to use a promo code from a special promotion.

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If you have a promo code you can apply it to an existing subscription or use it on initial signup to redeem the offer.

Using Promo Codes on Signup

Promo codes are used to redeem special offers for discounts, special plans, or limited offers. If you’ve received a promo code and don’t yet have a Fulcrum account, first register for a free trial account. Once you’re logged into your trial, click Upgrade Now in the top bar to see the plan purchase page. At the bottom of this page, enter your promo code into the slot and click Apply and it will select the included plan with the promo code’s offers applied.

Promo Codes for Existing Subscription

If you already have a Fulcrum subscription and have a promo code you’d like to apply for an offer, go to the Change Subscription page and scroll to the bottom. There you’ll see a field to enter the code and apply it to redeem the offer.

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