Fulcrum now has an app and data warehouse running in Australia. This application and data storage is completely separate from the US app and the two do not know about user accounts in one another. To use our AU app you will need to sign up for a new account in AU. This can be your same email address, you will just want to make sure the web address is correct when you are logging in.

  1. To sign up for an account in the AU you will need to visit https://web.fulcrumapp-au.com/users/sign_in and click on the Register Now link.

2. Next you will want to fill out the form and click the Create your Fulcrum Account button at the bottom of the page. After this is complete you will now have an account in Fulcrum’s AU instance.

3. To use the mobile app with your new AU instance you will need to tell the app which instance you want to use. First you will want to logout of any current session. Once back at the log in screen you can double tap on the Fulcrum logo.

4. This will navigate you to a device settings page where you can configure the app to use the AU instance. On this screen you will want to toggle the AU hostname configuration setting on which will change the hostname from api.fulcrumapp.com to api.fulcrum-au.com.

You can now click save on this screen and log in with the credentials that you have made for the AU Fulcrum account.

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