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How do I use File Attachments?
How do I use File Attachments?

File attachments allow you to attached documents to a record.

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File attachments allow a web user to attach documents (PDF, ZIP, etc.) to a record and make those documents available on the mobile device. You can use File Attachments to attach documents that pertain to an individual record. For example, floor plans, blueprints, schematics, manuals, install guides, manufacture instructions, etc.

Adding the Field

First, add a field to your app and give it an appropriate name. You can set min/max attachments if you are concerned about memory on devices. Keep in mind; mobile users can pull these attachments down to the local device.

Adding Files

Once the field is added to your app, go into the Data Viewer and open a record to which you wish to add a file attachment. Upload any file you need in the field. Users can view PDF, XLS, DOCX, PPT, MOV, MP4, and many others.

Record Viewer

While viewing the record viewer, users are provided a list of the files attached to each record, just like other media. If you click on the link, they will download to the local machine.

View, add, or delete the attachments on mobile

To view the file attachments, the mobile users must download each of them to the local device, just like other media. Once on the local device, the attachment can be viewed by pressing the file name. A long press on android or a slide on IOS will prompt the user to remove the attachment. Users can add documents and files to this field in the top left once they have drilled down into the field.

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