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How do I add a WMS layer to fulcrum?
How do I add a WMS layer to fulcrum?

Adding dynamic map layers to Fulcrum

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With the WMS format users can consume a dynamic web service directly in Fulcrum. This means that dynamic map layers created in ArcGIS and other GIS software like QGIS can be directly consumed in Fulcrum. Checkout this ESRI article on setup. WMS layers point to a base server URL that contains the live layer data.

Adding a WMS Layer

On the Side Navigation, click on 'Setup' to display the available options. There under the 'APP SETUP' section, click 'Map Layers'. To add a layer, select layers from the navigation pane/sidebar on the left side of the Fulcrum web app.

Once you are redirected to the Map Layers page, click the + New Map Layer button, located on the top right corner of the screen.

Once there make sure you add the required information to the form as described.

  1. Select WMS as the layer type.

  2. Give the layer a name. You can optionally add a description for your Layer.

  3. Enter in the base server URL.

  4. Enter in the layers separated by commas.

  5. Add and edit your URL parameters.

  6. Select the member permissions for this new layer.

Once you have completed your layer setup, click the “Create Layer” button.

For more information on WMS layers, please visit these authoritative sources:

To learn more about the different Layer Types or how to manage members access, please check out the following article:


With the configuration shown in the table below, you can create a WMS layer that adds Radar weather data to Fulcrum!


Server URL:



URL Parameters:





















WMS displays on web but not on iOS/Android

In the web it is possible to use the Title property of a WMS as a valid name of the WMS layer, but the native iOS and Android applications require the Name property of the service.

As an example we will use this USA Pop Density map layer that wasn't working on iOS and Android.

This is the current layer configuration in Fulcrum:

The name of the layer in this case is NLCD_2016_Land_Cover_L48.

To find the correct Name attribute to use, access the Base Server URL and add the parameters service=wms and request=GetCapabilities to access the XML data.

Find the desired layer within the page. Notice the Title attribute is NLCD_2016_Land_Cover_L48.

The Name property is different: mrlc_display:NLCD_2016_Land_Cover_L48

Use this Name property to access the correct Layers to display.

The layer is now displayed correctly:

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