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What projection does Fulcrum use?
What projection does Fulcrum use?

The reference coordinate system that Fulcrum uses.

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Fulcrum leverages WGS 84 (EPSG:4326) reference coordinate system. This data is in a decimal degrees format.

When importing your data, if you use a CSV file type, you will want to make sure that your location data is in this projection. If you import a Shapefile, then Fulcrum can convert your data for most projections.

When you export your data out of Fulcrum, the location data will be in this format.

Custom Projections

While Fulcrum can only leverage WGS 84, ย data events and calculation fields can use a javascript libraries to dynamically convert the location data into a different projection. This will result in the location data being returned into user defined fields within the body of your record that can then be used outside of Fulcrum.
โ€‹This blog article covers what is needed to convert Fulcrum location data into a different projection. The linked article has a calculation field example, there is also an app in our app gallery that can be added to your plan. Since the release of the blog article data events have been released. We have added a data event example on how this can all be done within a data event.

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