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Learn how to download the basemaps provided with the mobile app for offline use.

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While using Esri Maps on the mobile app, you can download sections of a basemap for offline use.

Satellite and Streets basemaps are the only basemap types that can be downloaded and used offline. Please create a request on our forum for other provided basemap types (Hybrid or Terrain) that you would like to use offline.

If you need to download a custom basemap for offline use, one way to do this is by adding it as a MBTile layer.

Steps to download a basemap for offline use

  1. From the Map View on the mobile app, select the Basemaps & Layers icon.

  2. Select 'Offline maps' and then ‘Download New’.

  3. Select 'Download New'.

  4. Select 'Streets' or 'Satellite'.

  5. Move the map until the area within the rectangle matches the area you want to download for offline use.

    Note: The initial downloadable view will be in the same location that you were previously viewing on the map. It will be zoomed in to a maximum downloadable area. If you see a dark blue/black screen, you may be viewing the middle of the ocean. In this case, it is best to cancel, go back to the map view, and zoom in near the area you want to download before restarting the download process.

  6. Select ‘Download’. You will see an progress indicator.

  7. Once complete, the downloaded map will appear in the Offline Maps list.

  8. When you are offline and viewing the Satellite or Streets basemap in Fulcrum, you will be able to see the downloaded areas. If you have selected a different basemap type (Hybrid, or Terrain), you will not see the downloaded Satellite or Streets basemap.

This feature is only available with Esri Maps enabled. See this article for more information: How do I choose Google Maps or Esri Maps on the mobile app?

Rename an offline basemap

To rename an offline basemap so that you can better identify what area each download represents:

  1. Go to your list of offline maps.

  2. Go to the More menu and select the Rename option:

    1. On iOS: Swipe to the left on the offline basemap you want to rename and select 'Rename'.

    2. On Android: Select the 3 dot menu to the right of the downloaded basemap and then 'Rename'.

  3. Enter the name you would like to give the basemap and save.

Delete an offline basemap

To delete an offline basemap and remove it from your device, go to your list of offline maps.

  • On iOS: Swipe to the left on the offline basemap you want to delete and select 'Delete'.

  • On Android: Select the 3 dot menu to the right of the downloaded basemap and then 'Delete'.

Cancel a basemap download

To cancel an active basemap download, use the delete option.


  • In order to maintain good performance and minimize issues during the download process, we support zoom levels 11-18 according to this scale on most devices. This means that the maximum area you can download at one time corresponds to a zoom level 11 (Metropolitan Area). As you zoom in, your downloaded map will support a zoom level to 18 (Buildings). On larger tablets, we support a 12-18 zoom level.

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