The Photo Annotation (Markup) feature in Fulcrum allows users to sketch graphics and add text stamps on top of photos, without ever having to leave the app. This enables data collectors to quickly call out features of interest directly on the photo immediately after it has been snapped in the field.

Click here for more general information on Photo Annotations.
Click here for a step-by-step photo annotation guide for Android.

Annotating Photos on iOS

From within a record, task, or issue, tap an attached photo and select the Markup action.

Note: If you do not see the Markup action at the top of the photo, annotations are likely not enabled for that field. See here for information on how to enable annotations for a specific photo field when creating/editing the app.

From there, tap the iOS markup button to access all of the native iOS photo markup tools.

You can use the pen, highlighter, or pencil on the bottom bar to draw free hand markups.

Tap the add button to choose from other markup tools including rectangles, circles, and arrows.

Once you select a shape, you can move it to the desired location on the photo and change the stroke and color.

The toolbar at the top of the screen has tools for undoing the last sketch (back arrow), redoing the last undo (forward arrow), and closing the markup session ("Done").

For more information on the iOS photo Markup functions, check out this article from Apple. Fulcrum is leveraging the same iOS markup functions found in the iOS Photos app to provide a familiar and best-in-class markup experience.

Note that saving your markups will overwrite the original attached photo. If you want to retain the original, make sure to enable saving to the camera gallery.

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