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What are photo markups?
What are photo markups?

General information regarding photo markups.

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The Photo Markup feature in Fulcrum allows users to sketch graphics and add text stamps on top of photos, without ever having to leave the app. This enables data collectors to quickly call out features of interest directly on the photo immediately after it has been snapped in the field.

This feature is available in all plans.

How it works

There is a setting for photo fields in the App Designer to enable markups.

For photo fields where markups are enabled, mobile users will have the option to add markups to the photo after it has been attached to the record.

Mobile Markup Help

Click here for a step-by-step photo markup guide for Android.
Click here for a step-by-step photo markup guide for iOS.

Additional Information

  • Saving photo markups will overwrite the original attached photo. If you want to retain the original photo (without markups) and attach it again, make sure to enable saving to the camera roll.

  • Photos with markups will retain the original photo's EXIF attributes, including any geographic information.

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