Classification sets in Fulcrum let you create predefined hierarchies and schemas for classifying data into a standard format from the field.

Creating a Hierarchy of Options

Starting on the homepage of the Fulcrum web app, in the sub-menu bar, select Setup and then Classification Set from the drop down menu. This takes you to the classification set overview page where you can edit existing classification sets or create new ones. 

At the top of this page right of this page, select New Classification Set to create a new list. 

On the classification set builder page, Drag and drop the choices into the canvas area on the right side (it works like the App Designer). You can nest options beneath others to form your list schema. From the classification set list page, you can also select a classification set you have created so you can edit the list.

Advanced Functionality

The value attribute to the right of each label name allows you to set a backend value, so the label (the field label presented on the mobile app) can show one thing, a human-friendly label, and the value can be used to stored the more system friendly value. For example, imagine these labels and values:

  • Label: “Samsung Galaxy S5”
  • Value: sm-g900v

When data is exported, Fulcrum will use the values instead of the choice labels as attribute values.

Note: You can also import classification sets if you already have them build in a spreadsheet format.

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