We are sorry to see that you wish to cancel your plan. 

Plans can be canceled at any time from the billing tab on the settings page of the Fulcrum web app. Only a user account with the Owner role or a custom role with the ‘manage subscription’ permission in the plan can cancel the plan.


  •  Once a plan is canceled all the data and apps in that plan are deleted from the system. There is no way to recover data from a canceled plan. Make sure to export your data before canceling!
  • If the project that you are using Fulcrum in is suspended or finished and you plan on using Fulcrum again in the future. It might be a good idea to remove all users except for the owner of the plan. This way you can maintain the data and apps within your Fulcrum plan, minimize the costs of downtime and have a quicker startup time the next time that you use Fulcrum.
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