Generate Reports

A report can be generated for any record created in Fulcrum, right from your mobile device. When you generate a record a PDF file will be created. You can then send this file to others through email or SMS. You can even print or use another app to access the file. In order to generate a record, the device does have to have either a WiFi (with internet access) or cellular data connection. We also offer custom reports. If you are interested in a custom report, simply submit a sample report here.

Generating a Record Report

From the record creation/edit page, select the report icon on the top right corner of the record creation/edit page.

Record creation/edit screen

Once the report has been generated, it will be set to your mobile device. Once on your mobile device, you have the option of sharing the report.

Sharing a Record Report

To share the record report, tap on the send/properties icon.

Depending on what you have installed on your Android device, you will then be presented with what apps you would like to open the PDF in.

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