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Are there any features that are limited in the trial version of Fulcrum?
Are there any features that are limited in the trial version of Fulcrum?

Trial restrictions.

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We want people to get the full experience that Fulcrum offers during your trial time. The trial mostly replicates the professional plan type. However, we have a few restrictions in the trial version.

Below is a list of the features that are limited during the trial:

  • A maximum of 50 user accounts can be associated with the plan while it is in a trial state, Paid plans can have an unlimited number of users associated with it.

  • Exports are limited to 100 records. Additionally, exports can not be filtered by date range or map area. Exports run in paid plans include all records that meet the filters being used.

  • Up to 3 Data Shares can be active at any given time. Paid plans vary on the number of data shares that can be active at any given time.

  • Media Storage is capped at 3 GB. Media storage varies based on the paid plan selected.

Other than these few limitations above, the trial has all the same features that the professional plan type offers.


  • The developer pack is not included in the professional plan.

  • Once your trial is expired you will not be able to access the apps or data on any platform (mobile apps and web app) until the trial is either extended or converted to a paid plan.

  • The only time that apps and data are removed is either when an app is deleted or when a plan is cancelled. If you let your trial expire your data and apps will still be there when you are ready to signup for Fulcrum. You will need to contact support to reactivate your expired trial.

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