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Timestamps on Photos
Timestamps on Photos

Learn how to enable and capture timestamps on photos.

Written by Katie Briggs
Updated over a week ago

The Timestamps on Photos feature allows organizations to stamp the date and time that each photo was taken directly on the photos in Fulcrum. This allows reviewers to quickly identify and confirm that the photos attached to the Fulcrum records were taken as part of the current work.

Timestamps will work on versions 5.21.0+ of the iOS and Android mobile apps. On older versions of the app, timestamps will not be applied to the photos even if timestamps are enabled on the form.

How it works

There is a setting for photo fields in the App Designer to enable timestamps.

For photo fields where timestamps are enabled, photos added to the record via Fulcrum's mobile app will be automatically timestamped. The timestamp will appear in the lower-left corner of the photo.


  • Timestamps will work on versions 5.21.0+ of the iOS and Android mobile apps.

  • Only photos added via the mobile app (not the web application) will be timestamped.

  • For photos added from the gallery on a mobile device:

    • The date and time will represent when the photo was taken (from the metadata of the photo), not when the photo was added to the record.

    • If a photo does not have the date/time metadata, ‘NO AVAILABLE DATA’ will be stamped onto the photo.

  • The Fulcrum app does not verify that photos were not altered. If you are concerned about photo tampering, we suggest that you restrict gallery access so that all photos are taken with the Fulcrum camera and added directly to the record.

  • Timestamps cannot be removed from a photo. If you would like to capture the same photos without timestamps, we suggest that you create an additional photo field without the 'Enable Timestamps' setting for those photos.

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