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Creating GPS Tracks in Records
Creating GPS Tracks in Records

Create a line by recording the movement of your GPS location

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GPS Tracking requires Fulcrum app iOS version 5.8.1 or later and Android version 5.8.2 or later.

GPS Tracking requires Fulcrum have access to your devices Location Services.

Enabling Lines and Polygons

To create a GPS Track, Advanced Geometry must be enabled (in the location settings and/or on a repeatable) in your app. Learn more here.

Creating a GPS Track

When creating or editing a record, start by selecting 'Locate'.

Then select 'Create Geometry' or 'Edit Geometry' if one already exists.

From the 'Edit Geometry' view, select the 'REC' button in the top right corner.

You will see the 'REC' button change to show a red dot. This indicates a GPS Track is being recorded.

As you begin to move, a line will be created based on your devices GPS location.

To stop the track, select the record button again. A red 'Stop' button will appear. Selecting this will stop the GPS Track.

Selecting the 'Trash Can' icon will clear your GPS Track.

You may restart your GPS Track if you wish.

After you stop a GPS Track, you can edit/move/remove the points created by the track.

You may also add more points or close the line to create a polygon.

After selecting 'Done', you will see the details of your geometry, including 'Length' and 'Area' (if polygon).

Don't forget to go 'Back' to your record and 'Save'.

GPS Accuracy

GPS Tracking requires a mobile device GPS accuracy of 15 meters or better. If your devices GPS accuracy is greater than 15 meters, the track will pause (no points will be placed) until the GPS accuracy is back within the threshold.

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