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How do I share an app template I've built?
How do I share an app template I've built?

How to share app templates with other Fulcrum users.

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It is quite simple to share apps you’ve built with others who haven’t signed up for Fulcrum yet or show your first draft to others to help make it the best app possible for your data collection project.

Apps share not only the app schema but also custom reports and workflows.

Sharing an App Template

To share one of your app templates, you will need to start on the Apps page. Once there, click the more option (3 dots icon) next to the app that you want to share. Next, click on 'Share Template' in the dropdown menu.

Type in the email address of someone to whom you want to send the template, and they’ll receive an email with a special link. Clicking the link will add the app template you just shared to their Fulcrum plan.

To share an app template just click the option from the more options, type in the email address of the recipient and click the share button.


  • Sharing app templates only shares the app structure, not the data you’ve collected with your app.

    • If you wish to also share the data, you will want to export the data out of the exporter and provide them with the produced ZIP file so that they can import the data into the app that is now in their plan.

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