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What is the "auto-populate fields" option for Record Links?
What is the "auto-populate fields" option for Record Links?

Pulling data from one record into another record using the record link field.

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The “auto-populate fields” option can be used to pull in data from another record when using record links. This can be used to increase data capture speed in the field by automatically pulling in data that you wish to populate in fields from the other app.

Auto-Populating Fields

When setting the auto-populate field option, you will be able to select what field you would like to pull values from in the linked record (left column) and what field you would like to populate with those values (right column).

Creating an AutoPopulating Field that takes the value from the Inspector field of the Fire Inspection app and adds it to the Inspected by field in the current app.

In the example above, the value contained within the "Inspector" field in the linked app ("Fire and Life Safety Inspection") is being populated into the "Inspected by ("inspected_by") field in the app with the record link field ("Culvert Inspection Form).


  • We recommend limiting the number of auto-population settings for a single field to a maximum of 100.

    • While it is possible to add more, if you find yourself in this scenario, you might want to change your app structure instead. Reach out to support through the chat bubble in the bottom right for some suggestions.

  • The "auto-populate fields" option will not be available if the "Allow Multiple Records" option is enabled.

  • The direction of data flow is from the linked record (data source) into the record with the record link field (data destiny).

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