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How do I set up conditional logic rules?
How do I set up conditional logic rules?

How conditional logic rules work on your forms in Fulcrum.

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Fulcrum allows you to set up conditional logic rules on fields in your surveys based on your collection requirements. This means you can dynamically show or hide fields or sections based on values entered in specific fields. You can set a condition on any field or section.

The second half of the below tutorial video from Fulcrum Academy covers conditional logic rules.

Conditional rules can be set up for both visibility and requirements of a field. These are available on all field types; however, Sections, Labels, Hyperlink, and Calculation fields only have visibility rules.

Retaining Values in Hidden Fields

If you wish to maintain the data that is entered into a field that is then hidden due to visibility logic, you will want to enable the 'preserve data in this field even when it's invisible' option in the visibility logic builder.

Visibility rules configuration window, highlight in the option to enable Preserve data in this field even when it's invisible.


  • By default, when fields are hidden with visibility logic, the system sees the values entered into these fields as not being valid. As a result, any value that is in a hidden field will be cleared when the record is saved.

  • If you have a section with 'preserve data in this field even when it's invisible' enabled all fields contained within that section will have their values retained. Even if they have their own visibility rules.

  • If you wish to make a field required when it is visible, you can set the field to be required using the checkbox option and then just add the visibility rules.

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