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Import Fulcrum data into Google Earth
Import Fulcrum data into Google Earth
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So you want to use your Fulcrum data in Google Earth? Awesome! There's a couple things to be aware of

  • You can use shared views or data shares to generate the kml files you'll need to import into Google Earth. But only data shares support live feeds. If you are looking to use live data, make sure to click the link under the KML Feed section when configuring your data share:

  • The non-kml feed in the data share, and the only link in the shared view download static (unchanging data). Both live and static formats are imported to Google Earth in the same way!

In order to get your data into Google Earth...

  • Paste that link into your browser. This should download a kml file

  • In Google Earth, click the Projects icon, and then click Open, and Import KML file from computer, and select your kml file

  • After selecting your kml file, your Fulcrum data will be displayed in Google Earth!

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