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How to list photo links in a single photo field from an ArcGIS Shared View
How to list photo links in a single photo field from an ArcGIS Shared View
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At the moment, our integration with ArcGIS Online does not support rendering array elements, like photos or repeatables. But you can list links to photos within a photo field! Here's how to do that:

1. Open the shared view in ArcGIS Online

2. Sign in if you haven't yet

3. Make sure you are in the Classic view (you will know if the top right corner says Open in Map Viewer)

4. Click on the 3 horizontal dots on the geoservices - No View Name section and then click Configure Pop-up

5. Scroll down to attribute expressions and click Add

6. Edit the name of the expression to anything you'd like (Like PHOTO 1,2, etc. ) and copy and paste this code into the Expression editor

var return_index = 0
// split the agreements field
var photosArr = Split($, ",")
// return early if you try to return an agreement that doesn't exist
if(return_index + 1 > Count(photosArr)) {
return ""
// return the specified agreement link
return photosArr[return_index]

7. Click Ok in the bottom right corner

8. repeat steps 5 and 6 for each photo in your photo field, incrementing the return_index variable by 1 each time you add a new expression, to represent which photo in the list you are trying to show.

9. Click Ok in the bottom of the Configure Pop-up box

10. You should now be able to click on each photo in the photo field

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