There are two ways that data entered into fields can be validated, minimum/maximum values and validation pattern. The minimum/maximum values can be selected on most field types. Validation pattern leveraging regular expressions can be used on text field types.

Minimum / Maximum Values

Several field types support min/max validations. These validations vary based on the field type they are available for. Below is a list of the supported field types supporting min-max validation:

  • Text - Character length for a text field.

  • Numeric - The range of valid numeric values.

  • Multi-Choice - Number of selections that can be made.

  • Photos - Number of photos that can be captured.

  • Videos - Number of videos that can be captured.

  • Repeatable Sections - Number of child records that can be created.

Validation Pattern with Regular Expressions  

Text fields in Fulcrum support custom validation patterns by using a regular expression (regex). Our validation pattern builder has a few common regular expressions built-in, but you can write your own custom expression to match the desired entered pattern. The validation builder tool is accessed through a text field’s settings pane:

You can use a tool like RegExr to build and test your own expressions.

Note: If you create a regular expression after you have all ready collected data, the existing data will not be removed. However, when you go to edit a record and the value/string stored does not comply with the regular expression the value/string will have to be edited so that it can validate.

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