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What is an Active vs Inactive app?
What is an Active vs Inactive app?

Explaining the difference between active and inactive apps.

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You may think your apps are helpful today, but there will come a day when your app gets retired, or you build a new version and want to retire the first version and its data. This case is when you will want to change an app from active to inactive. Active apps show on your app dashboard and sync with mobile devices. However, Inactive apps are hidden on the app dashboard and do not sync with your user's mobile devices.

To make an app inactive, you can go into the app's editor and press the Advanced button (right side). At the top of the Advanced Settings is the App Status. Changing this to Inactive will hide the app from your app dashboard, remove the app from mobile devices, and not sync that app or records. It is similar to archiving your email; it is still available but out of sight.

How do I see my inactive apps?

On the top of your app dashboard, there is a filter dropdown that will allow you to select your inactive apps. You will still be able to edit and view data within an Inactive app. Trial accounts with less than three apps will not see the active/inactive filter dropdown.


1) If you make an app inactive and unsynced records are still on mobile devices, those records will not sync. You will need to make the app Active again to receive those records from a sync.

2) Inactive apps still use storage on your plan, so if you want to free up storage, you will still need to remove the media, records or delete the app (after downloading the content).

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