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Record Editor Views in the iOS App
Record Editor Views in the iOS App

Details on the map and list views in the Fulcrum for iOS app.

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Record Editor Views

Once records have been created, you can always go back and edit them at any time. To edit an existing record, just locate the record on either the map view or list view pages and select the record.

To toggle between the two views you can use the map/list view button which is on the left side of the lower menu bar in the lower-left corner of the screen. The icon used for this button will either be a list icon or a map icon showing the opposite of the view that you are currently in.

Map View

If you are on the map view page you can zoom in and out (using two fingers) on the map and pan (using one finger) to locate the record's location. Then tap on the record to bring up the record title, tap on the record title to go into the record edit page.

List view

If you are on the iOS list view page, you can scroll, or use the search box to locate the record. Once the record has been located simply tap on the record to access the record edit page.

Filter Options

Besides the filter and search options that are located within the lower menu bar on the iOS app. At the top of the list view map are two additional filter options, Map Area and All Records. 

When enabled the Map Area option will filter the records on the list view to only the records that are visible on the map view. This allows you to center your map on a group of records and then toggle over to the list view page to see only those records within that set map area. When All Records is selected all records will be displayed.

Sorting Options

By default the record list view is sorted by the updated at timestamp. If you wish to change this you can find the sorting options located within the settings page which can be accessed by tapping on the settings icon in the left side of the top menu bar in the upper-left corner of the screen.

More details on the list view can be found on the list view help page, which covers accessing the record options and details on the upload status icons.

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