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Using Repeatable Sections in the iOS App
Using Repeatable Sections in the iOS App

How to create and view child records in the Fulcrum for iOS app.

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Using Repeatable Sections to Create Child Records on iOS

Adding child records to a parent record on a mobile device is no more difficult than creating any other record. The repeatable field will be shown in the parent record as if it were a normal section with the drill down option selected section.

Once in the repeatable section of a record, you can add child records in the same way as you would with a conventional record. The default view for repeatable sections is the list view, but you will find the same map view button that you find in the record editor to toggle over to the map view. 

There is also a search option and then on the far right of the lower menu bar is the create record icon. 

When you are finished adding child records to the parent record tap on the back arrow and then tap the save button to save the child records added.

Tapping the edit button on the list view will allow you to tap and drag the records to change the ordering of the records. By default the records are sorted in the created at timestamp.

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