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What does the 'allow other' option in Choice fields do?
What does the 'allow other' option in Choice fields do?

How the allow other option can be used.

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As its name implies, this option allows the user to choose 'Other' as a choice. This will open a new field where the user can manually enter the choice they need when it is not available on the list.

Keep in mind that the 'other option' entered here is not added as part of the existing choice list and it will not be presented as a choice option the next time that choice field is accessed.

This option is designed to capture outliers or options that the app designer may have not thought about or overlooked. If there is a value that is consistently being manually entered through this option, then it may be a good idea to add an option to the choice field list.

This option is only available in Single Choice, Multiple Choice, and Classification Field fields.

Enabling the Allow Other options will help the data collector to add options that are not available on the list.

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