The Photo Annotation feature in Fulcrum allows users to sketch graphics and add text stamps on top of photos, without ever having to leave the app. This enables data collectors to quickly call out features of interest directly on the photo immediately after it has been snapped in the field.

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Annotating Photos on Android

Tap the attached photo and select the Annotate action.

Once in annotation mode, you can select the paintbrush tool to sketch or the stamp tool for adding text.

Tapping on the text stamp tool will prompt you for text input. Select a color, enter some text, then tap the Done button to add the stamp.

Double tap on text stamps to select them. Once selected, the stamps can be moved, resized, or deleted. Pinch to resize and tap the CLEAR TEXT button to delete. Multiple stamps can be selected for resizing or clearing.

With the sketch tool, you can select a color and change the line width by dragging the size slider (left for thinner and right for wider).

After selecting a color and setting the brush size, tap the check box to enter sketch mode. Use your finger to draw sketches and markup your photo. The toolbar at the top of the screen has tools for undoing the last sketch (back arrow), redoing the last undo (forward arrow), and closing the sketch session (check).

Once you are done annotating your photo, tap the SAVE button to save the annotated version of the photo. Note that this will overwrite the original attached photo. If you want to retain the original, make sure to enable saving to the camera gallery.

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