You can add layers, from external sources to the maps in the Fulcrum web app. The currently supported layer sources are: Mapbox, Tile XYZ, GeoJSON, and TileJSON. MBTiles files can be used for direct upload and offline use.

During setup, you can also set the permissions for who will be able to access to use the layer in Fulcrum.

Note: Mapbox, GeoJSON, and TileJSON layers can only be used on the web app and are not available on the mobile devices. MBTiles layers and Tile XYZ layers are accessible on mobile devices.

Adding a Layer Source

To add a layer source, select layers from the Setup drop-down menu in the sub-menu on the Fulcrum homepage.

Once on the layers page, select New Layer in on the upper right side of the screen.

For specific information on adding each type of layer, see our individual help pages:

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