Fulcrum uses a built-in uploader right inside the web app to add your custom layers to your account. Layers that you’ve created in TileMill can be exported to MBTiles format and then uploaded to be used on the mobile app and the web.

For uploading an offline layer, select layers from the setup drop-down list in the sub-menu bar on the homepage of the Fulcrum web app.

Once on the layers page, select New Layer in on the upper right side of the screen.

Select 'MBTiles' as the layer type, giving the layer a name, select the MBTiles file you would like to use, and then set the member permissions. Once finished click the create layer button.

Note: You can use these guides below to learn how to directly upload offline layers to your particular device: Adding Map Layers for iOS or Adding Map Layers For Android.

Note: For information on how to download the offline maps and layers to the devices check out the iOS maps & layers and Android maps & layers sections.

Map Storage Capacities

  • All plans have 2 GB of map file storage capacity. If you are interested in more storage, contact us.

For more general information on adding layers, please visit our adding layers page.

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