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How to integrate Fulcrum with Slack
How to integrate Fulcrum with Slack

This document will outline how to receive Slack messages when a Fulcrum record is modified.

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Using Fulcrum’s workflow feature you can set up the trigger and filters you want to apply to your records for when you receive the Slack message.

To set up this integration you will need to be able to modify your Slack workspace. First, you will log in into your Slack workspace and go to the Configure apps page.

From there you will click Build in the upper right corner.

Then you will choose Create New App and then From Scratch.

Give your app a name and choose the workspace you will be creating the app for. If you are not a Slack Administrator, you will need to get this new app approved by your Slack Administrator. After your app is approved in Slack you will want to build your Slack app for Incoming Webhooks.

Here you will click Add New Webhook to Workspace and follow the prompts to select a channel within your workspace.

This will provide you with a webhook URL which you will use within your Fulcrum webhooks configuration. Below is a sample webhook.

Next, you will configure a Fulcrum workflow with your triggers and filters. In the example below we have the workflow running every time a record is created with no filters.

For the action step, you will choose Webhook and use the below configuration. The payload portion is where you will configure data from within Fulcrum to show up in your Slack message. This can be configured however you like to implement the message you are looking to send when your workflow runs.

Method: POST
URL: The url provided by slack.
Basic Auth: Empty
Query Parameters: Empty
Headers: Empty
"username": "fulcrumbot",
"icon_emoji": ":books:",
"channel": "channel_name",
"text": "Take a look!",
"type": "header",
"type": "plain_text",
"text": "New knowledge entry :book:",
"emoji": true
"type": "divider"
"type": "section",
"type": "mrkdwn",
"text": "Hey! {{_created_by_name}} just wrote a new {{type}} knowledge entry! :rocket: \n It's about {{summary}} \n*<{{_record_id}}|Take a look!>*:computer:",

After you activate and save your workflow your integration is set up and Slack messages will be sent based on the trigger and filters you have set up.

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