Fulcrum keeps historical versions of every create or edit data within your Fulcrum apps. When you create a record, it starts at version 1, and each successive edit increments the version number. Fulcrum stores a full copy of each record version, and you can see a record’s version history within the data view.

If you select the option to export the full history of an app’s data, you’ll get a dataset including every historical full version of a record at each state since version 1:

The version column is used to distinguish between the different records versions. Included in the history data are a couple special columns called version and change_type. version tells you which version number in the historical timeline that row represents, and change_type indicates whether it was a “create”, “update”, or “delete” action. Even deleted records are shown in the data, which can be helpful for recovery:

Check the plans page for info on which plans support full history export.

Note: Photos aren’t versioned with the data, as that would defeat the purpose of being able to manage your media storage quota.

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