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What does it mean to export "Full History"?
What does it mean to export "Full History"?

Details on what the export will look like when "Full History" is enabled on your export.

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Fulcrum keeps historical versions of every create or edit data within your Fulcrum apps. When you create a record, it starts at version 1, and each successive edit increments the version number. Fulcrum stores a full copy of each record version, and you can see a record’s version history within the data view.

If you select the option to export the full history of an app’s data, you’ll get a dataset including every historical full version of a record at each state since version 1:

The version column is used to distinguish between the different records versions. Included in the history data are a couple special columns called version and change_type. version tells you which version number in the historical timeline that row represents, and change_type indicates whether it was a “create”, “update”, or “delete” action. Even deleted records are shown in the data, which can be helpful for recovery:

Note: Photos aren’t versioned with the data, as that would defeat the purpose of being able to manage your media storage quota.

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