How do signature fields work?

Understanding how signature fields work to collect signatures in the field for reporting.

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Signature fields let you capture an electronic signature on your survey. This is useful when conducting inspections or site surveys that require someone like an auditor or a property owner to sign off on the work.

Along with collecting the signature, you can also set custom “Agreement Text” that displays a piece of disclaimer language or other text you want to have a person sign off on. Here’s what it looks like with this set up on the mobile application:


  • The "Agreement Text" can display a total of 5 lines of text. The amount of text and the total character limit will vary based on the device's screen size/resolution. Higher resolutions will be able to fit more text within the allotted 5 lines.

  • On the mobile apps, when you tap on a signature field you are presented with the screen where you can then sign with your finger or stylus.

  • When using the web app, there is no signature capture capability like the mobile apps. Instead, you will be presented with the option to upload a signature file.

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