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How do I add an icon image to an app?
How do I add an icon image to an app?

Personalizing your Fulcrum apps by adding a custom image or icon.

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Apps in Fulcrum support having a custom image or icon to use to give them an identity or brand, whether viewed on the web or a mobile device. It makes it easier for users on mobile devices when there is an app image for each app. 

To add an icon for your app:

  1. Go to the app designer of the app you want to add an image to.

  2. On the right side of the app designer will be an App Image option. 

  3. Click on the plus icon and you will be asked to upload an image.  

It's best to upload a JPEG or PNG that's at least 512x512. Images will be cropped to a square.

Add an App Image when creating or editing an app.

After the icon is added you will see the app icon on the homepage and the app pickers on the mobile apps.

The Apps page will display the App Icons that have been added to the Apps.

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