There are two ways to add an app from the app gallery to your Fulcrum plan.

Browsing the App Gallery

The first way to add an app from the app gallery to your plan is to browse for an app through the app gallery page on Fulcrum website. 

To start, you will want to make sure that you are logged in to your Fulcrum user account in another browser tab. Once you have logged into your Fulcrum user account during your current browser session you can browse the apps in the app gallery. In the app header, you should see a yellow button that says ‘Add this app to (plan_name).’ 

Note: If the button says ‘Start Your FREE Trial Today!,’ then you may need to login or refresh the page.

App Designer

The second option is directly through the app designer on the Fulcrum web app. When you go to create an app in Fulcrum, there is hyperlink text at the top that says, ‘Choose a template from the App Gallery.’ at the top of the app designer. Clicking this link will allow you to search and locate the app directly through the Fulcrum web app.

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