When you have completed making your app or edits to your apps design you can click one of the two save options in the lower-left part of the app designer page.

Save and Exit

When the save and exit button is clicked the app's structure will be saved and you will be taken to the app's dashboard page.

Save and Continue

When the save and continue button is clicked the app's structure will be saved but your will remain on the app designer page for your app. This can be helpful to Periodically saving your work can be helpful in reducing the chance of losing any work that you have done in the event of experiencing any unforeseen issues.

Common Issues That Prevent Saving

Data Names  

  • Every field within your app must have unique data names.
  • Data names can only contain lowercase characters ( a - z ), underscores ( _ ), and numbers ( 1 - 9 ).

Broken Logic

Missing App Elements

  • There is a section or repeatable section within your app but there is no fields contained within that section or repeatable section.
  • No name has been provided for your app.

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