When you’ve created apps with the App Designer, they also act as databases to hold your collected data.

You can always return to the App Designer to make modifications to your original structure, even if you’ve already started collecting data. As long as you’re adding new fields or editing the field label and data name, your current data will be fine. Here’s a list of changes you can make to your apps without affecting the associated data:

  • Change app name or description
  • Field labels, descriptions, data names
  • Field settings like required, hidden, read-only, default values
  • Validations and conditions can be changed
  • Adding new fields
  • Changing order of fields or moving fields in and out of sections (there are caveats to this with repeatable sections)
  • Record title settings

If you want to delete existing fields or move fields in repeatable sections, the attributes already collected will be removed from the database.


  • It is always a good idea to export your app’s data before modifying your app. This will give you a copy of the data if there is any data loss or import the data back into the existing records and add the data that was removed to the existing records.
  • If you have existing data in an app, or you import data, then add condition visibility rules that make some of the existing data conditionally hidden, the data will be cleared unless you select the 'preserve data in this field even when it's invisible' option.
  • You are free to move fields to another section or part of the app without issue. However, moving a field into, out of, or between repeatable sections will cause the attributes already collected to be removed from the database.
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