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What are field descriptions used for?

Learn more about the field description settings in your Fulcrum app.

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The field description allows you to add additional information for the data collector or user when they are entering data into a field so that they know exactly what kind of information they should enter to the field.

The description is available for all field types except Section, Repeatable, and Label.

While this configuration option accepts large chains of text, it is recommended that you keep them short but descriptive enough for the data collectors or users to understand.

Adding a description for a field.

This is visible during form entry through the small info icon in the upper-right corner for each field that has a description configured.

Clicking on the 'i' icon, displays the message added as the Description for the field.

You can use this to display guidelines or instructions to mobile users on how to capture data for the field โ€” like examples, requirements, and longer descriptive questions to help guide the data collector or user.

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