What is an audio field and how does it work?

Capturing audio files with GPS tracks in Fulcrum.

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Audio field types allow you to record audio files to attach to your records, with logged GPS tracks synchronized to the audio. This gives spatial reference to where audio was captured and allows you to review your audio on top of other spatial data, imagery, or maps for an additional context in your work.

When capturing audio, you can pause and resume the recording and keep all the audio captured in the same file. If you are capturing GPS tracks along with the audio, the GPS track capture will also be paused.

Audio Settings

In addition to all of the normal field settings, Audio fields have a unique option of being able to turn on the GPS tracking. When GPS track is enabled, Fulcrum will record a track log and capture the heading and speed (if in motion) for the audio file.

While there is no limit to the length of the audio you can capture, we recommend to try and keep audio capture to under five minutes in length. Each plan has a fixed amount of media storage space available, and audio files count toward your plan’s available storage quota.

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