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Interactive Dashboards with Google Data Studio
Interactive Dashboards with Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a business intelligence platform that enables you to build custom reports and interactive dashboards.

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There are a several ways to integrate Fulcrum with Data Studio.

Using Standard Data Connectors

Data Studio has several built-in standard data connectors. Popular connectors include Google Sheets, PostgreSQL, and CSV File Upload.

An easy way to dynamically connect data from a Fulcrum app to Google Sheets is by using the IMPORTDATA() function to sync with Fulcrum Data Shares or the Query API. Google Sheets will cache the data from these CSV feeds with automatic hourly updates.

Data Import Examples

Data Share


Query API


Fulcrum Connector for Google Data Studio

Our Custom Connector provides users with a direct connection to the data in their Fulcrum account. This Connector uses the Query API to create a data source link to your Fulcrum Organization. Fulcrum's Query API is part of the Fulcrum Developer Pack, which is included with Enterprise plans and available as an add-on for other plans.


Try the Fulcrum Connector in Data Studio

You can try out the managed deployment of the latest code using the following Connector ID: AKfycbwWxwNp54DcWMzny1-9IHaBZ6YnJkezihf3XUbccCNoP5eo4-KayBS6528X5BYoFjPU. Authorize the connector with your Google account and enter your Fulcrum API Key to authenticate with your Fulcrum Organization. Once configured, you are presented with an input to enter the SQL query to execute on your database. If the data connection is successful, you should be presented with the list of fields returned by the query. You can now create a new report or add this data source to an existing report.

Tips, Tricks, Known Limitations

  • You can only authenticate to a single Fulcrum Organization per connector. If you want to switch Organizations, you need to revoke access to the connector and add it back again. Another option would be to copy this Fulcrum Connector code into your own Google account and modify or duplicate your own deployments as needed.

  • Test your SQL query first using the Fulcrum Query Utility to view the available tables and make sure it's returning data before using it in the connector. The basic SELECT * FROM tables; query will return all of the tables available for use and is a good place to start when exploring the capabilities of the Query API.

  • Fulcrum records tables only include the reference IDs for members and projects. If you want to include member/project names, you will need to join to the memberships and projects tables to the records table.

  • Fulcrum media fields include the reference IDs for media files. If you want to link to these files directly without having to authenticate to your Fulcrum account, you can use the FCM_Photo, FCM_Video, FCM_Audio, FCM_Signature helper functions. Be sure to check out the other helper functions for formatting data and timestamps and remember that the Fulcrum Query API also supports most of the standard PostgreSQL & PostGIS functions.

Example Query

SELECT r.*, AS fulcrum_member, FCM_Photo([1]) AS photo_link FROM "Inspections" r LEFT JOIN memberships m ON r._created_by_id = m.user_id ORDER BY r._created_at DESC;

Additional Information


Google Data Studio is a relatively new product, which graduated from beta status on September 20th, 2018. It is actively being developed and may not yet be 100% stable. While Google has several core data connectors (CSV upload, BigQuery, Google Sheets, PostgreSQL, MySQL), custom connectors enable direct connections from Data Studio to any internet accessible data source. Google has encouraged organizations to "leverage Data Studio as a free and powerful reporting and analysis solution for customers" and we are excited to begin testing this with our Fulcrum user community.

Data Studio is free and custom connectors are free to develop so there is a low barrier to entry but please be advised that while we hope our customers are successful with Data Studio, neither it nor the Fulcrum Connector are first-class Fulcrum products so official support should not be expected.

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