Fulcrum is a multi-user system, allowing you to add user accounts to your plan for team-based data collection and collaboration. Adding new users as members to your plan is easy: By visiting the member settings page, you can quickly add or invite new users to be members in your Fulcrum plan.

Adding a New Member to Your Plan

From the homepage:

  1. Click on the Members tab. 
  2. Click Add Members to start the process. 

On the Add member page, enter one email address per line to add more than one user at once. Then:

  1. Click Add
  2. Click Next Step
  • You can also copy and paste from a CSV file as long as the email addresses are in a single column and one per row.

If the users being added don’t yet have Fulcrum accounts, you can either specify default password at this stage, or leave the boxes blank to have the system auto-generate one for them. Fulcrum will send each user an email with the credentials and instructions to sign in. You can also set each user’s role, if desired, including custom roles you may have created. Under the Roles tab, you can also set the default role to use for new additional members.

Set the new users’ permissions, granting access to apps, projects, and maps where applicable. Or keep the default permissions in place.


  • You can add users at any time.
  • When a new user is added the cost per user is prorated based on the time remaining in the current billing cycle.
  • If you remove a user before adding a new user, the new user will take the place of the removed user and your plan will not be charged.
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