Records Search

Often while working on the mobile device, users may need to search for a record to update information or correct the location. On iOS devices, this can easily be done while out in the field.

You can do a record search from either the map view or the list view. From the mobile device, select magnifying glass icon in the bottom menu bar from either the map or list view. A search bar and keyboard will pop up. 

Then, simply enter your search terms or use the barcode icon to scan a barcode and select a record from the results. You may try searching for a specific ID number or even key phrases from a choice list or classification set. The search will return all records that contain the search values, including data within child records in repeatable sections. Once you have located a record through the search, tap it to view or modify it.

Record Filter

Once records have been created, you can filter them by project, record status, and/or the user that created or last updated the record. This adjusts the records that show up in the map and list views. You can combine as many requirements as necessary.

To access the record filter options. Tap on the funnel icon from either the map or list view pages.

To add filters, just tap on the filters you would like to add. To remove a filter, just tap on the filters that have a check mark next to them.

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